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If you're JUST looking for an individual who has the technical 'know how', experience, creativity, leadership, work ethic & passion to get the job done - you're probably not looking for me.

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Technical Expertise I've not only been tested and rated expert by top talent agencies on all the recommended multimedia, digital graphics and web software, but also have trained 15+ years tenured professionals from the advertising, journalism and publications industries in communications design.


Professionalism I've creative directed campaigns for United Way affiliates, national stage/ ensembles and even the mayor's office...before my 18th birthday. Afterwhich, went on to help set new production benchmarks by leading teams and engineering new standards.

Creativity I've won several national and local awards for graphic design, but also have been awarded for producing/directing movie shorts, play writing, choreographing and creating fine art (oils, ink and pencil). In addition, I am a published author.

Outside the Box I'm not just simply looking for a place to work or 'slap-together-and-go' contracts - I am continually looking for opportunities to grow, give, learn, teach, contribute, strive, excel, share, accomplish and than some. I've realized how rare an occurrence it is when you know exactly what you want to be when you grow up before your elementary school graduation. I've been 'conceptualizing' before I could spell it. My passion to gain every kind of skill, education or trade secret possible to meet the highest expectations was not by chance, but by design.

Creative/Critical Thought & Application It's not just work to's my life. - John Kennedy McCray

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"He was instrumental in creating and/or co-founding several cultural enrichment enterprises and businesses that celebrated the human spirit and shared his unique multi-talented gifts." - Wikipedia Biography

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Multimedia - Web/Print Design - Video - 3D Digital Animation

All my life, design has been a love of mine. Fortunately, it’s been my occupation and passion for over 20 years now. The ultimate satisfaction comes from taking a project from simple concept to finished art. Whether it be independently or with a team, the challenge of solving design problems is my driving motivation.

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