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MMU LMS eLearning Group Lesson Plan Guide

Thank you for choosing our LMS (Demo) as part of your class plan or activity. Enjoy!
Here are a few suggestions to assist you in your group lesson plan for using this LMS.

  1. Register and Login

  2. Start at ‘Home’ page

  3. Explain Objective

  4. Split students into 2 teams

  5. Select ‘Explore Ellen & William Craft’ from lower thumbnail launch buttons

  6. Once the page is launched, play the video provided highlighting ‘learning clues’ that will be portrayed during the presentation. Be sure to read-a-long for your class (captions that aren’t accompanied with narration). Feel free to stop-and-go for student questions or to promote more input.

  7. (After the presentation video)
    Have students assign a spokesperson for their group.

  8. Launch the ‘Ellen & William Craft eLearning Quiz’ .

  9. Recite each quiz question as you go.

  10. Allow both student teams to answer a question as you go forward
    (Alternating each team)

  11. Completion: Read all the answers, point totals and quiz results.

Your participation and feedback this Black History Month in this newly innovated eLearning apparatus (in development) is truly appreciated and inspiring. Our ultimate commitment is to continually elevate the learning experience and to solidify a sustainable resource model.