Cheap Tricks #1

"MATCH UP COUPONS WITH SALES: It can seem like a poker game sometime in knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. In the coupon “game”, playing your coupon at the right time can really save you money. If you match up an item on sale with a coupon, you can really increase your savings — sometimes even getting free products! This can take some time, so that is where I come in.

I do the hard work for you each week. I match-up Price Chopper, Hy-Vee, Hen House, Target, Walmart (when available), CVS and Walgreens each week so you know which coupons to use.

So, now that you know how to read and use your coupons, you probably want to know how to find them. Stay tuned and we’ll cover that next week!" -

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Cheap Tricks #2

The avarage cable bills are $75-125 per month. Roku and Amazon FireStick or more like TV the way you want it for only 1/4 the price of cable. "Cut the Cord" from cable and Direct TV to save hundreds a year. The biggest selection of streaming channels combined with innovative features like unbiased search and the Roku Feed™ put choice and control back in the hands of people who love TV."

"The Amazon Fire Stick is officially available on Amazon for a dirt-cheap $40.

The Amazon Fire TV stick also boasts 4x the storage and 2x the memory of Chromecast, plus a dual-core processor and 1 GB of memory. The device is very travel-friendly, and is perfect if you're traveling out of town with kids and want a sure"fire" way to entertain young ones with their favorite movies and television shows, regardless of the cable setup wherever it is you're going.

Although I definitely liked the Fire Stick, I didn't find anything that that widely separates it from its streaming competitors..." - Caroline Moss for Business Insider

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Cheap Tricks #3

"...So, while we all probably know the basics about how to save money on gas — don’t crank the AC (as if that’s an option this summer!), don’t tool around town aimlessly (duh!) — here are some lesser known ways to cut the cost of gas this summer: 1. Buy discounted gas gift cards - Sites like and sometimes sell discounted gas gift cards for gas stations like Shell, Gulf and Mobil. This means you could get a gas card worth, say, $100 but only pay about $95 for it. That’s $5 in free gas!..." - Forbes Magazine Article Also, searchout or app sites like to find the lowest prices in your area daily and/or locations along your road trips.

Cheap Tricks #4

"Whether you’re planning an event for your family of five, going on a date with someone you’re just not that sure you want to go expensive-candlelit-dinner for, or just a normal budget-conscious human being, there are plenty of opportunities to save on entertainment – deal websites, marketplaces and tricks abound for lowering the cost of a night out. Here are ways to save money on a night out on the town.

Entertainment money-saving tips. The following tricks apply equally to restaurants, movies and sporting events.

1. Check for affiliation discounts. If you’re a member of the AARP, Costco or AAA, you can probably get deals through those websites. Students, seniors and military often get discounted tickets from the theater directly as well, so be sure to bring your ID.

2. Use discount gift card websites. Sites like Cardpool and Gift Card Granny buy unused gift cards and sell them at a discount. Check out their entertainment sections for savings.

3. Check for credit card deals. Visa Signature, for example, sometimes offers 20% off on Fandango gift cards or 2-for-1 movies on Fridays; the MasterCard Marketplace has discount restaurant deals. Many offer event discounts on concerts and games as well..." - From

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